Bimetallic Thermal Protectors and Thermostats

Industrial Displays

Industrial applications display

US Electronics has many years of experience in professional displays and electronic products. It can design and produce display products that meet the requirements of harsh environments, such as high temperature/high humidity/low temperature operation. At the same time, according to customer requirements, we can provide a full range of services such as shockproof/dustproof/oilproof/waterproof IP standard/impact IK standard and other structures/circuits.

Can provide Mono LCD segment/character/Graphic type, TFT LCD and other products, according to customer's special requirements to make touch display-specifications.

Automotive Displays

Automotive displays

US Electronics electronic Mono LCD is applied to a motorcycle / electric vehicles / machines agricultural / industrial vehicles, the application of audio / dashboard / air-conditioning control. US Electronics provides a full range of touch display solution, according to customer needs Cover Lens design and special touch specifications. Our products have the characteristics of high brightness, high contrast, better resolution, wider viewing angle, low reflectivity and usability under extreme temperatures, and ensure a longer product life and product reliability, which can be applied to various types Vehicle uses.

Medical Displays

Medical Displays

US Electronics has been in the field of medical displays for a long time, and currently has products and technologies with high contrast and wider viewing angle characteristics. We can provide more medical instrument displays and touch screens, which can be combined with resistive and capacitive options, combined with touch panel and comprehensive customized solutions technology, which can meet the special product requirements and high quality of medical applications standard.

IOT Displays

IOT Displays

The development of network communications has created a connection between many electronic products and network communications. US Electronics provides an important human-machine interface for display + touch .

  1. Handheld terminal products: including POS card reader, communication equipment,
  2. Smart home appliances: security monitoring, thermostat, coffee machine, electric cooker, induction cooker, Internet phone, washing machine, etc.
  3. Wearable products: pedometer, sports bracelet, heart rhythm, etc.

The most critical issues for smart home appliances touch displays include touch response speed, click life, stability at high temperatures when the machine is running, special product design, and requirements for waterproof and dustproof. US Electronics can provide numerous displays to meet the requirements of various products: Low power consumption, high contrast, wide viewing angle, visible in sunlight, light and thin, short and small, etc. US Electronics can customize specifications for customers and provide complete technical services.

AI displays

AI Interfaces

US Electronics has many years of experience in professional displays and electronic products, and can design and produce display products that meet the requirements of harsh environments, such as: high temperature/high humidity/low temperature operation and use. At the same time, we can design a full range of services such as shockproof/dustproof/oil-proof/waterproof IP standard/impact resistance standard and other structures/circuits according to customer requirements.

We can provide Mono LCD segment/character/Graphic type, TFT LCD and other products, and make Touch Display specifications to according to customer's special requirements.

Touch Displays

Touch Displays

US Electronics integrates panel design, manufacturing and controller circuit design capabilities to provide a complete projected capacitive touch panel/resistive touch panel solution. Based on the long-established design and production technology of panels and controllers, US Electronics projected capacitive touch/resistive + panel products can be more widely used in different environments, suitable for applications requiring durability and endurance, such as: Outdoor and mass transportation systems are more suitable for industrial control/Internet of Things/smart home.

The projected capacitive touch panel is equipped with standard and custom cover lens options, allowing you to have more flexible choices in assembly and price. The surface treatment corresponds to the common requirements of capacitive touch products, such as anti-glare, anti-reflection, anti-fouling and other functions, which have been introduced into the projected capacitive touch panel product specifications.

TFT and LCD Displays

TFT and LCD panel displays

Ideal for ATM/information display/security system/gambling game machine/medical equipment

TFT and LCD panel displays are widely used in many industrial, commercial, and scientific applications, including ATMs, POS terminals, information displays, security systems, and gaming machines, medical equipment, factory automation, digital advertising signs, transportation information, and marine equipment.

US Electronics offers various color TFT LCD panels from 0.96" to 15". We provide high-brightness, sunlight-readable TFT displays, high contrast, wide viewing angle, wide temperature operation, longer lamp life and lower power consumption.

Our TFT module fully supports a variety of options, including wide operating temperature, high brightness and high contrast, built-in DC-DC and temperature compensation circuit, most with white LED backlight. Resistive touch screen and projected capacitive touch screen are suitable for most models.

OLED Displays


OLED display screens are made of organic light-emitting diodes. Solid-state devices are composed of organic molecular thin films that generate light by applying electrical energy.

OLED displays represent a new generation of display technology. With OLEDs emitting light, they have the advantage of not requiring a backlight, making them ideal for handheld instruments, car displays, portable media players, audiovisual display systems, and mobile phones. The advantages of using OLED include:

  1. Compared with all other technologies, the contrast is higher, the image is clearer, and the colors are more vivid
  2. Small size and light weight
  3. Fast response time (microseconds instead of milliseconds), indicating no motion blur
  4. High contrast (>1000:1) can provide ultra-clear images
  5. Visibility range> 170°
  6. Wide operating temperature range -40°C to +70°C°

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