U.S Electronics sample and order policy

Samples are supplied to customers and potential customers in support of new designs, or current products that are in production by the customer. Samples are a precursor to a production order, and are not meant to support repair or maintenance of a product.

Upon receiving a sample request, if the parts requested are in stock, we will ship the samples “UPS Ground” within 24 hours (UPS picks up Monday through Friday before 3:00 PM CST) from our St. Louis, Missouri facility. Should the samples need to be built, it will take approximately 2 weeks to ship. This will be confirmed with the customer at the time of order.

U.S. Electronics offers more than 100,000 different parts. As such, it is impossible to keep all the different parts in sample stock.

U.S. Electronics is set up to support Medium to Large OEM's. Production orders should meet a 1,000 piece minimum order requirement. Exceptions to this policy MAY include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Large dollar items (Large 7-Segment Displays, LCD's, etc.)
  • Proto-Type or Pre-Production order requirements.
  • Multiple line items for a single customer.

It is the goal of U.S. Electronics to supply its customers and potential customers with support that is unparalleled in the Electronics Industry. We will work with the customer to find the most cost efficient solution which includes the capability to modify our standard products to meet a specific need.

OEM Customers