OLED display screens are made of organic light-emitting diodes. Solid-state devices are composed of organic molecular thin films that generate light by applying electrical energy.

OLED displays represent a new generation of display technology. With OLEDs emitting light, they have the advantage of not requiring a backlight, making them ideal for handheld instruments, car displays, portable media players, audiovisual display systems, and mobile phones. The advantages of using OLED include:

  1. Compared with all other technologies, the contrast is higher, the image is clearer, and the colors are more vivid
  2. Small size and light weight
  3. Fast response time (microseconds instead of milliseconds), indicating no motion blur
  4. High contrast (>1000:1) can provide ultra-clear images
  5. Visibility range> 170°
  6. Wide operating temperature range -40°C to +70°C°

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