IOT Displays

The development of network communications has created a connection between many electronic products and network communications. US Electronics provides an important human-machine interface for display + touch .

  1. Handheld terminal products: including POS card reader, communication equipment,
  2. Smart home appliances: security monitoring, thermostat, coffee machine, electric cooker, induction cooker, Internet phone, washing machine, etc.
  3. Wearable products: pedometer, sports bracelet, heart rhythm, etc.

The most critical issues for smart home appliances touch displays include touch response speed, click life, stability at high temperatures when the machine is running, special product design, and requirements for waterproof and dustproof. US Electronics can provide numerous displays to meet the requirements of various products: Low power consumption, high contrast, wide viewing angle, visible in sunlight, light and thin, short and small, etc. US Electronics can customize specifications for customers and provide complete technical services.

OEM Customers