PCB Assembly

Versatile state of the art manufacturing equipment at ESI allows us to be innovative in manufacturing concepts and flexible technology. We design our processes to accommodate all types of printed circuit boards, whether they are thin, thick, or flexible, small or large, single sided or double sided, single layered or multi-layered or even mixed technology. With our connections to the large PCB manufacturers in the Far East we can provide you with assemblies that use the best quality PCB's at the lowest cost.

We believe in "designed to build" concept. Before we even send you a quote, we will try to meet with your design engineers to suggest improvements to your assembly design that would reduce the cost of components and the labor to assemble and test your final product. Years of experience taught us how to take the last penny out of the costs and also improve quality at the same time.

For companies that do not have "in house" engineering capability, we can take your ideas and design a product from concept to a prototype to production. Over the years we manufactured PCB assemblies for many industries with very demanding requirements. We specialize in custom PCB assemblies and please send us your design specifications for a prompt response.

  1. Prototype building
  2. Project Management
  3. Lead free capabilities

OEM Customers