Electro Mechanical System Assembly

ESI specializes in providing dedicated customer specific product teams for supplying the final product assembly "box-build" which includes integration of enclosures, power supplies, cables, PCB assemblies along with system configuration programming, functional test and burn-in services. This allows us to most effectively manage the supply chain for various components that go into the final product assembly.

ESI customizes the assembly programs to each and every customer's specific requirements from board assembly to complete turnkey dock to stock programs. We can even ship individual units directly to your customers with your own packaging and labeling.

Current product categories in our "box build" portfolio include High Tech electro mechanical assembly for making a Master Screen stencil, Servo Motor Assembly for feeding labels to bottling lines, Clock assembly for a truck, Switch assembly for a tractor, and Master Controller for high speed laser marking system. Our experience in a wide variety of industries allows us to optimize the final design solutions and provide our customers with the state of the art solutions for their designs.

We would be glad to discuss your specific assembly requirement. Please send us your specifications and some one will contact you immediately.

Controller Assembly

Custom Packaging

PCB Assembly

Clock Assembly

Heat Sink Assembly

Screen Maker

Servo Motor Assembly

Tractor Switch

PCB Assembly

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