About Us

High quality passive electronic components and accessories for the OEM markets. With multiple manufacturing locations in the US, France, Korea, Taiwan and China, we can service our customer's manufacturing sites with ease and provide "just in time" delivery in any corner of the globe.

U.S. Electronics is committed to innovation. Not just in our products but also in the way we do business. From expert designing of innovative products, through ISO 9000 approved high quality manufacturing facilities to worldwide sales and support, U. S. Electronics is committed to providing the best technology at the lowest prices. We continue to add new products to our existing product lines and we are constantly on the look out for increasing our product lines to help us in making our company a "one stop shopping" location for our OEM customers. We started out originally with a single product line of DIP Switches and now we have expanded to thirteen product lines.

Our components that are at the cutting edge of technology are used in high tech products like Personal Computers, Medical devices, PDAs, Computer storage devices, Main frame computers, Cell phones, Interactive pagers, Electronic thermostats, Appliances, Printers and various consumer products.

Every day our components are being designed in to the latest electronic products that are on the drawing boards at major electronic companies through out the world.


Our Expertise

Our expertise is in providing what ever the customer wants. We would go the extra mile to configure our components to fit the needs of our customers . Most of the time we are able to modify our standard products to suit the needs of our customers at no extra charge. Because of our multiple plants in strategic locations through out the world and our partnerships with key suppliers, very often we are able to design, tool up and produce a custom component before our competition can even finish the tooling.


OEM Customers